KAA Gift Exchange Rules


Each participant brings 4-5 gifts, totaling $20-$25.
Gifts should be properly wrapped (no plastic bags!).
At least one gift should be a “highly desirable” one you think people will fight over.


The gift exchange consists of several rounds (described below).
All gifts are placed in a central communal area.
The starting player is chosen randomly or by agreement.
Each turn, a player rolls a pair of 6-sided dice. If they roll doubles, they take an action.
After a player rolls the dice, they pass the dice to the left.
The round continues until the time expires.
When the time has expired, each player gets one additional roll of the dice.
Play continues for all rounds.


Round 1: Gift distribution–upon rolling doubles, a player selects a gift from the communal area. [no time limit; play continues until all gifts have been distributed]

Round 2: Stealing round–upon rolling doubles, a player steals a gift from another player. [5-10 minutes]

Open gifts–unwrap all gifts and show them to all players.

Round 3: Stealing round–same as Round 2. [5-10 minutes]

Round 4: Trading round–upon rolling doubles, a player exchanges a single gift with another player. [5-10 minutes]

Cache one gift–each player may choose one gift in their possession and place it out of play; cached gifts cannot change ownership during the game.

Round 5: Force Trade round–upon rolling doubles, a player dictates a trade between two other players. [5-10 minutes]

Cache one gift–same as the previous cache.

Blitz round setup: each player selects the person 17 places to their left and chooses one gift to remain in front of them.

Round 6: Blitz Force Trade round–same as Round 6, but with only the one selected gift for each player. [5 minutes]


Minimum Gift Requirement: Players must be in possession of at least three gifts after distribution. A player with three gifts may not be the subject of a steal. At the end of each round, the players with the most gifts give away gifts (if necessary) so that every player has at least three gifts.

MULLIGAN: One time during the game, each person is allowed to make a Magical Unique LateraL Instantaneous Gift AgreemeNt (MULLIGAN). A MULLIGAN allows a player to substitute any one of their gifts when they are the subject of a steal/trade. Each player may only make one MULLIGAN during the entire game.

Gift of Burden: After opening gifts (between Rounds 2 and 3), select one gift to be the “Gift of Burden” (GoB). This gift should be the most undesirable gift out of all the gifts. To select the GoB, each person submits one of their gifts as a GoB candidate. All participants then vote to determine the GoB. In the event of indecision, the GoB is selected from the candidates using a stochastic device. The GoB enters play in the 3rd round and has the following function: whenever a player ends a round in possession of the GoB, they are permitted to exchange it for any gift from any player. In a round where a gift is cached at the end, the GoB exchange occurs before the cache. The GoB only has this function in round 7 if it is selected to remain in play.

Multi-Wrapping: Each player may choose to bring one gift wrapped multiple times. At the end of each round after the initial unwrapping (between Rounds 2 and 3), another layer is removed. There is no limit to how many layers of wrapping can be on the gift; it is possible that a gift may remain wrapped at the end of the game.

Polyhedra: A second set of dice is passed around, in addition to the 6-sided dice. These dice are 20-sided. A player who rolls doubles with the 20-sided dice takes two actions.

Shift Happens: If a player rolls double 20's or double 1's on the polyhedra, then all play stops immediately and all outstanding trades are resolved. For double 20's, all players shift their gift piles one player to the left. For double 1's all players shift their gift piles one player to the right. (Players may, by majority agreement, choose to shift seats instead of gift piles.)